Vue.js a small introduction

I have been fascinated with vue.js history and how they become a very pollished tool to modern front end, producing tiny applications and i gonna made a very simple relation with initial content for get started. The example here is very close to the main documentation. So you can install the framework with this resource:

Creating a Vue Application | Vue.js
Vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework

After that access your application on http://localhost:3000 if everything goes well with npm run dev and edit src/App.vue put this content and see what happens.

export default {
  data() {
    return {
      count: 0,

    <div class="counter">
      <button @click="count++">count: {{ count }}</button>

@import './assets/base.css';

.counter {
  margin: 1em 0 0 1em;

That's it you have a tiny application to work with, but if you improve then and made some more advancements this part of documentation tell you more about the usage:

Introduction | Vue.js
Vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework

So, the truly objective is not to made an application, it is to show how the project works and what can offer to your with small effort to produce something feasible. Now a little bit about the anatomy of body of a vue application started this way.

Getting Started | Vite
Next Generation Frontend Tooling

The vite comes with your application and you can do so much more than you can expect because the capabilities describe in the documentation, help you to produce a very well structured application. A major thing is you can use other presets focused in other tools with a small effort. If you want to learn more i have a suggestion to search on that channel:

Egghead is a great place to learn more about a lot of technologies not just Vue. And to finalize and get inspired you have a documentary to watch, it is so good to see what happened to someone in that case Evan You create all of that amazing peace of art.

yyx990803 - Overview
yyx990803 has 180 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.

In some period of time companies like facebook and netflix used vue on your toolchain:



Awesome isn't!? So that is the end, i did expect this help you learn about that amzing technology and if you have something to show as a case of usage send me a email (

Thank you and i see you next time.