The beginning of a bitcoin wallet

Well, here we come to a new journey about bitcoin... Decentralized applications with crypto assets become popular because of a bunch good factors, and be updated can increase your capabilities to become more relevant in a matter of accept payments from anywhere. My point here is to show how to use an API made by me, to create simple private keys and addresses to you receive money from testnet.

Let's get started:

npx create-react-app [your-app-name]

After your creation just made an api call with that in mind

const [privateKey, setPrivateKey] = useState('');
  const [address, setAddress] = useState('');

  useEffect(() => {
      .then(response => response.json())
      .then(wallet => {
  }, [setPrivateKey, setAddress]);

That's it the application is now available to show information:

<div className="App">
    <h1>Alpha Cold (TestNet)</h1>
    <p>Save the information and use on transactions and balance!</p>
    <p>Private key: {privateKey}</p>
    <p>Address: {address}</p>

Very simple to start, now you have an application to play around made some transactions with claimed bitcoins on testnet. The application have one point to proof here, the simplicity to work with real advanced topic. On the next time we've gonna visit our backend applications to know more about the other features.

Please visit our source repo and published application to use and see how it works.

Thank you!