SmartOS explore a good environment

SmartOS explore a good environment

Well, this is a explanation about how SmartOS works to cover some aspects like:

  • Secure containers
  • Built-in networking
  • Built-in storage
  • Bare metal performance

And comes with node.js to you levarege this option on the environment.

To install on a virtual box VM you need to start by this:

Download SmartOS - SmartOS Docs

After download the ISO you need to create a virtual machine with specified Unix, Solaris 11 at this point in time and install the base using that resource:

Installation Walkthrough - SmartOS Docs

Additional information about an aspect of the SmartOS:

With all these steps completed cover how manage images is important for you to accomplish the task to run the system:

Managing Images - SmartOS Docs

Complete these basics to get up and running with the system and start to use:

How to create a zone - SmartOS Docs

A detail is to use this kind of configuration to get internet access on the vm:

When all these steps are done, update the system and try an application could result as this:


This is like your application could be when you run the application.

That's it you have a sandbox for your applications. Enjoy!