Kubernetes made easy

I'm here to present to you some aspects of a great tool used in my daily work to publish a lot of applications and by your flexibility related to different kind of stacks. To get started with this you can try it on this documentation:

Learn Kubernetes Basics
Production-Grade Container Orchestration

To inspire you, i have a suggestion of a documentary related to this path:

But thinking your practical work, configure all the tool are totally necessary but you have another way to present your projects fast with a great stability, so azure devops could be your friend.

Create a simple application:

Generating an app | FeathersJS
A REST and real-time API layer for modern applications

And deploy using this verified tutorial:

How To Deploy NodeJS APIs on Azure AKS using HELM
A step by step guide with an example project

With that you can leverage the capabilities of this service and delivery your applications more easy. To see how this started, see the first commit:

First commit · kubernetes/kubernetes@2c4b3a5
Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management - First commit · kubernetes/kubernetes@2c4b3a5

Enjoy, and i see you next time.