A tiny lisp interpreter in Rust

I'm here again with another version of a tiny lisp interpreter made with Rust, the model used is not the best for all the cases but it's follows a simple idea who is experiment the capabilities of the language used to create them.

The steps to create the interpreter as presented like this way:

  • Scanner
  • AST printer
  • Parser
  • Interpreter

Has a lot more knowledge about but you can encounter on this source a better explanation about:

Crafting Interpreters

With all content filled by the book on your mind the understanding of subject can be more suitable and now you be able to explore our project.

GitHub - ktfth/rs-lisp
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The root of reinforcement about this content is to leverage this practice and shift the knowledge of how to learn a new language can help you reach on solving complex problems and be more confortable with any programming language you want.

Another field who makes you more skilled is the performance engineering because all big tech companies needs that capabilitie to understand and delivery more with less, so can i drop this playlist for your studies keep going more polite.

That is my suggestions about something interestingly to help you understand more about what you can do to be a very capable professional.

Thank you