Text Searcher: A little project to practice Rust

I have studied Rust for a long time and free time to get things working occured. My intention with this post is to share knowledge about my experience with Rust, the problem is totally simple is a text searcher cli who search for a pattern in text traversing the directory and including and ignoring some other patterns to be a perfectly match.

The compiler are totally convenient on give clues about what you need to do about a good implementation following a Rust way, describe what you do on the code is necessary because of the safety memory managament and maintain a resolution of the problem who not go so far from just work with the necessary. The implementation of file system operations have a nice way for you get each step by time and delivery a better way to work with.

After all, publish the package and enable actions ont he repository are totally simple and intuitive. With this in mind your code can be delivered for almost every main platforms. So you can check the code on github.

GitHub - ktfth/text_searcher
Contribute to ktfth/text_searcher development by creating an account on GitHub.

Thank you and see you soon.